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Gynecomastia Surgery is a relatively common and fairly simple procedure that's used to treat men who would like to have the size of their breasts reduced. But despite being common, it's not recommend for everyone. It's best to attempt to reverse the condition with diet and exercise before considering surgery because in many cases it can be reversed.

Men who are considering Gynecomastia surgery as an option should first consult with a surgeon to see if they're eligible for the procedure. The surgeon will usually begin by taking a few tests, such as a blood sample, a basic physical assessment, and a complete medical history. The reason for this is that certain medications could have an adverse effect on the surgery. Blood thinners, for example, will cause excess bleeding during the surgery which can lead to many complications. If selected for the operation, the medical reports will be shared with the anesthesiologist in order to make sure that the appropriate anesthesia is used.

Patients preparing for Gynecomastia surgery are advised to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, vitamin E, and to stop smoking several weeks before the operation. It's possible that the doctor will recommend to stop taking any prescription medication that is not absolutely necessary in order to make the surgery as safe as possible.

During the operation, the doctor removes any glandular tissue that is present in the breasts and then liposuctions away any excess fat. In order to reduce bleeding during the surgery, the doctor will use an epinephrine just as in most liposuction procedures. If the breast tissue is especially large, the doctor may perform a mastectomy-like procedure before beginning with the liposuction. The entire operation usually only takes one to two hours to complete.

Patients often spend a further two hours in the hospital before they're released. This period is to allow the patient to recover somewhat from the anesthesia, as well as to observe their condition post-op. When the patient is released, he will be unable to drive because of the effects of the anesthesia, so it's recommended to make sure someone is available to drive.

Pain medication will be prescribed to last for a few days after the operation. However, most men find that there is little pain associated with Gynecomastia surgery. They often describe the feeling as being similar to sore muscles after a workout.

Patients are also given ace bandages (or another type of compression garment) to support the breasts while they heal. It's advised that the patient walks around and stays active during the recovery process, and to return to work when he feels capable. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid exercise and strenuous activity for up to three weeks following the surgery.

Afterwards, it's highly recommended to eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly to keep Gynecomastia from recurring.

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