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When exercise and dieting does not help the reduction of the breasts of the male in question, surgery may be suggested as the next form of treatment for Gynecomastia. The surgery itself isnít very complex and has few side effects when the procedures are followed by the patient as mentioned by the doctor performing the surgery.

If excess fatty and glandular tissue is the cause of the male breast enlargement, the surgery will seek to remedy this problem by cutting out the excess tissue with a scalpel and is usually followed by liposuction which involves the fatty cells being sucked out with small tubes inserted around the areola.

The surgery itself generally lasts an hour to an hour and a half and in most cases the patient will be out the door following the surgery. It is suggested that the patient then proceeds to walk around and stay active and to go back to work whenever he feels capable. It is, however, important to avoid exercise and strenuous activity involving the chest for 2-3 weeks following the surgery.

After about 3 weeks the patient should be feeling normal and able to continue their normal lives in hole. Some pains and loss of feeling has been known to occur for up to a year following the surgery in certain cases. For the most part, the surgery is quick and seamless with few side effects.

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